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About Stephen Ashby

Stephen Ashby has always yearned to do creative things, whether it be in broadcasting, news and sports reporting, or producing videos that go beyond the ordinary. Since working in radio and in the media resources department in college, Stephen has enjoyed putting dramatic and inspiring video behind an idea or occasion. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree, he channeled his love of media into a career as an instructional media specialist.

Stephen feels privileged to be a part of those special moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. His career as a wedding videographer and photographer began when a co-worker asked if he would film his wedding when the photographer they hired backed out at the last minute. He grabbed his SLR camera and pulled double duty as a guest and a photographer. He found the experience of capturing the couple's wedding day so rewarding that he was inspired to start his own business. Relying on his trusted and talented pool of professional contacts, Stephen formed Inland Empire Video and Photo to purse his new passion.

Stephen works with his team to capture every moment of a couple's special day down to those small details that took months of planning. He sees each and every sitting or session as an opportunity to artistically explore new venues and unique places while remaining true to the principles of classic and traditional design.

For Stephen, working with each couple to ensure that their conception of the event is captured just as they envision it does not end when the filming stops. When the day is over, the fun just begins for Stephen as he meticulously edits the footage, and strives to encapsulate the emotion and events of that special day.

To begin planning your special event with Stephen and the Inland Empire Video & Photo team, please contact us.

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